Wednesday, January 05, 2005

In The Beginning... There Was WEIRD...

I decided to create this webspace specifically because I expect zero people to read it. I have a stupid dream. And I figured I'd document it in case the stupid dream became a brilliant reality.

I remember trying to invent video games as a kid, in lieu of whatever kids my age did then (I never did figure it out). I remember the DoomEd tools when DooM came out and creating ugly levels with custom textures and nothing but secret rooms. I remember playtesting an awful educational RPG for my teacher in fourth grade. I remember spending 16 hours a day for four weeks trying to create a version of minesweeper using Motorola 6800 assembly using a frankensteined-from-1971 workstation and a 80x24 character display.

I remember having fun.

Now I'm a programmer. Sort of. Not really. My title says "Web Architect" but I've neither mutated into the spider nor built any interesting web applications. Real jobs aren't fun... you spend the time trying not to incite trouble and avoid the work that sucks the most. In truth, I'd be happy if I could just code away. But when you work for a company it's more about social engineering than hacking.

Which is why I'm here.

My job is 9-5, and I'm putting aside my heavy volunteer work for now. I've been working on learning and writing tutorials for Crystal Space, learning 3d modelling and prepping my C++ skillz. I'm hoping to start hacking again.

Most likely this will be one of my stupid pipe dreams that never becomes realized. However, unlike my previous pipe dreams, this one has actually persisted for several years. So who knows... maybe I'll get back to the same level of inspiration I had with my Apple IIe.

It never hurts to try.

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