Thursday, March 10, 2005


Well, MakeHuman just released a new version, this one apparently fixing the licensing problems that restricted the previous releases. Purely because of the licensing, I created a new mesh from MakeHuman and re-did my character model.

There is TONS of detail in the new model, including teeth, gums and palate for the mouth. Of course, I needed a low-poly model so I had to remove all of these faces by hand. Ick. Border select/deselect quickly became my best friend, but I think I have a decent model to work with. One problem is that the face is a bit messed, but I'm straightening it out. Now to re-try unwrapping the mesh using seams.

And on an ever-persistant sidenote, I finally gave in with MPEG2 encoding and I'm just storing all my video footage in DV Type 2 AVI's. About 12 GB / 1 hour of footage, but no more freakin' codec problems. The down side is that my 250 GB hard drive is now full, so I'll have to either add on some additional storage, compress the files (ick) or do the encoding soon.

Still waiting for Darwinia.

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