Friday, August 04, 2006

12.8 Minutes of Gaming

In the August 2006 Reader's Digest (shut up) I noticed the following ad on the penultimate page...

This ad for the Nintendo DS then goes on to push Brain Age, Nintendogs, Magnetica and True Swing Golf. Brain Age being, of course, the latest rage for casual gamers 30 and over.

It was interesting on several levels: a) this was in freakin' Reader's Digest, b) this was the first overt marketing pitch that I've seen specifically targeting the 30+ crowd, which of course is the demographic that not only is the most plentiful but has the most purchasing power and c) This is obviously Nintendo getting ready to position itself (quite intelligently) not on raw horsepower, but on gameplay and ease-of-use. This is in direct contrast to Sony and Microsoft, and stands to turn decades of console marketing on its ear.

Given how peeps not unlike myself are relegated to just a few spare moments a week, this could be the key to not only courting a new demographic, but changing the types of titles. AAA games will still have their niche, but it's back to being about the gameplay instead of beautifully rendered shrapnel.

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