Saturday, September 15, 2007

Prep the Exit Music

Started a new job this week. The motivational speech from the .com's owner was "if you're not working 80 hours here, let me know. I'll write your a letter of recommendation and get you out of here."

So, alas, I'm going to fade away into work. I'll let the two most nerdcore l33t play the music as I sign off into the sunset.

You know I never post YouTube videos on this blog, right? Right? So trust me when I say this is deserving of breaking my streak.

Until later...


  1. Sorry to hear about your upcoming 80 hour work weeks. That really sucks. Did you know this was coming?

  2. Yeah, I kinda knew it. And let me say I don't mind putting in the extra hours... I'm part of a start-up, and I knew the extra effort was going to come with the territory.

    It is very interesting work, and I do work at a fantastic office. That does make for a quick workday!


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