Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Java DeskBlocks

Right before I started my latest hacking-for-cash endeavor I was working on DeskBlocks, a physics sandbox rendered directly on the desktop. I was using Qt 4 for development, mostly so I could use ODE and refresh my C++ coding. One problem in development was that things would work perfectly fine in X11 - rounded edges, nice circles bouncing around, render speed was great - then things would work horribly in Windows. Or vice-versa. I could never get things to behave properly cross-platform.

With Java's big update, it's windowing toolkit now allows for translucent and shaped windows on platforms that support it. That means the rendering issues I had with Qt 4 may be solved with Java 6u10.

It makes me start thinking if I should move the project to Java instead. It appears there are Java bindings for ODE... so it just might work.

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