Monday, April 18, 2005

I Hate Walking

I've been trying to pick back up with Morrowind and Thief: Deadly Shadows recently. You know what they're big on? Walking.

Somewhere down the line the "RPG avatar" became the "video game powerwalker." It's like someone watched Final Fantasy being played and said "Hey! You know what defines this series? You need to walk places! Walk, walk, walk. That's a funny word, isn't it? W-a-l-k. Walky walky walky."

So you just scored some big loot. In the original Thief series, they just gave you cash right up front. They trusted you'd find a fence somewhere to sell your diamond-encrusted full plate of armor. But now... nooooooo... they've incorporated "RPG elements," which means you need to go walk from town to town (and level loading screen to level loading screen), finding places that buy furniture, antiques, plate armor, handicrafts, birch bark canoes, etc. Because I don't already have to wander enough from place to place running errands in real life.

I don't mind walking around and enjoying the scenery. In fact, 90% of my time in Morrowind is spent enjoying the scenery. But this is supposed to be an escape from reality. Not an attempt to run chores on an ethereal plane.

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