Thursday, April 07, 2005

What Time is It?

What time is it? Hell yeah, it's Darwinia time.

Linux client was released March 18th, but because I had all but given up on it I wasn't watching. One more reason not to sleep.

One nifty addition to their website is their developer's diary. I'm always interested in how a game creatively evolves... and it appears their version of "evolution" is pretty much akin to my own. Try out some random nifty game ideas and then... umm... profit?

They had a geninue love for the technology and loved the challenge. Then, when it came time to think about game balance:

At this point the Player STILL controlled a group of around 100 Laser Troopers at once, which meant despite all our best efforts over the past few months, the game was still shit...

...Chris had a flash of inspiration about how to generate trees using simple fractal algorithms, and was more than willing to invest serious time investigating this issue rather than dealing with the underlying gameplay problems. Nevertheless, the resulting trees were beautifull to behold and gave us some wonderful early screenshots.

I love these guys.

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