Friday, May 20, 2005

Isometric Engines

I've halted work (for right now) with the texture mapping tutorial. My brother and long time encourager of my level building skills had a good game idea - so I'm going to try and flesh it out. If he can do the art entities (I'm hoping he can get up to speed with Blender and do some mesh work) then I think we can definitely do something. I'm working on building an isometric engine using CEL and CrystalSpace... something that CEL seems to do exceedingly well. It's basically just a fixed camera angle within the standard engine - your level design just has to adjust accordingly.

Once again I forgot my sketchbook, which I'm going to have to carry around if I'm going to remember all these design ideas.

Now the fun with building a dev environment.... w00t... just upgraded to SuSE 9.3, and the freakin' ATI drivers keep uninstalling my symlink. So I have to keep reinstalling the xorg-x11-mesa drivers.

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