Saturday, December 17, 2005

Character Generation in Blender

I just posted three new tutorials: Building Textures with GIMP which focuses on how to build textures out of repeatable patterns - perfect for texture mapping; Building a Low-Poly Character Mesh in Blender which focuses on creating a character mesh using as few polygons as possible, and Texture Mapping Character Meshes in Blender which ties the first two together.

I also found an interesting tutorial on using diffuse maps, normal mapping, height maps, specular maps to utilize CrystalSpace's parallax and specular shaders. Something I've wanted to research for a while now... I'm way behind the times when it comes to shaders. WAAAAAAAAAAY behind. Looking at what Bethesda Softworks can do in Oblivion with parallax, diffuse, specular and normal maps combined into each texture blows the mind.

The shader 3.0 spec was easy to follow... vertex processing -> primitive processing -> pixel processing. But throw in volume shaders or subsurface scattering and it starts to become more shader levels than my little brain can handle. I hardly have time to build a low poly character mesh - how the hell am I going to model its vascular system?

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