Monday, December 26, 2005

Path of Whassit?

Just got Path of Neo and tried it out... yes, it's shameless merchandising. But it's fun.

It was actually ticking me off big time for the past hour... I thought this was going to be a Matrix-like twist on the third-person action genre (akin to Oni). Going into that sort of mindset the game was absolutely terrible. Controls were inconsistent, camera controls were way more than wonky, and character animation/generation was borderline awful. I think character meshes were... what... six polys?

But then it hit me. This isn't an action game. The weird play controls... the cinematics... the generic "action" button used for every damn thing... it's a freakin' adventure game.

The thought of a Matrix adventure game simply cracked me up. First off, it's been a stalling genre since Lucas Arts' release of Full Throttle or Sam & Max. To suggest that Shiny Entertainment was using the genre for a Matrix title makes a helluva lot of sense... it's just... weird in this day and age.

By the way, thanks to Bob and Chris for their feedback this week. I didn't realize people actually read this drivel ;)

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