Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Running at 100%

I'm knee-deep in the depths of development. I have so much to tell you, good and faithful reader, but time is a fickle mistress. I already feel extreme pangs of guilt having fallen behind on ConsultComm bugfixes and feature releases.

A huge cheer and huzzah to CrystalSpace for releasing 1.0. This is an amazingly huge accomplishment. If you've ever needed a 3D game engine, look no further now. It's now feature-complete and stable.

Item! Linspire's (formerly Lindows) Click 'N Run software is now being distributed for Linux distributions at large. Now every Linux user can take advantage of it's clickishness and runocity. Some may think that this is just a overly verbose apt-get, but it's not. Since it also can provision commercial software, this may turn out to be the Steam of desktop applications. That, my friend, would be a killer app.

Microsoft's new intellectual property blitz is hilarious. Their understanding of how creators "feel" about copyright law is laughable.

SecondLife's client software is now available under the GPL. Icculus had already been working on a Linux port, but now the whole community gets to jump in and help. Better yet, Linden Labs has just added a staff of several thousand developers that offer bugfixes, ports and ideas free of charge. I'm hoping this works out well for them - all eyes are on the project now.

If you hadn't guessed already, I'll buy anything Carmack makes.

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