Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Cheydinhal Home

I've been suffering from pretty extreme headaches for the past five weeks, so I decided to take a break from... well... everything and try and relax. Part of that relaxation involved finally finishing the main quest & guild quest in Oblivion. It only took fourteen months - better late than never!

Things have been so crazy busy that I haven't played much of anything at all since I walked away almost exactly one year ago. Damn... where does the time go? I've been doing more casual gaming since that fateful summer in 2006 - thanks to Nintendo's solution to gaming in a bathroom stall. Now I can fill even the most narrow of crevasses in time with some match-three variation.

To any point, I finally finished the important quests in Oblivion. I finally trucked back to my home in Cheydinhal, put all my memoirs up for display on my shelves, read a few final tomes I had sitting on my desk, visited a few more scenic locales, then went back to reside My Cheydinhal Home en perpetuity. It was hard to give up, but after a solid three days of gaming I was ready to finally put the DVD-ROM away.

It's been hard to code with the headaches, but I've been trying. I'm working on finishing up Deskblocks and rolling out a point release for ConsultComm. It's just really, really hard to concentrate and code when it feels like a titanium spork inside your dura mater is trying to shovel its way back out through your skull.


  1. Well, it's about time that you finished Oblivion. Good for you.

  2. re: Mind Splitting Headaches that make you want to kill

    Have you tried Trepanation? I know a good trepanationist if you are looking for insurance covers it.

  3. Your insurance is pretty impressive. Not only does Aflac cover vodoo priestesses, it also covers drilling holes into your skull. Impressive.

    Wikipedia also describes trepanation as a genre of "extreme body modification." Just... wow.

    Although I must admit, brain science has not progressed since the 1800's


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