Friday, June 29, 2007

Wow. Just..... wow.

I was always a big fan of ReiserFS. It did a good job on filesystem recovery from sudden calamity, and was great with metadata over many small files. I moved to ext3 recently, despite being incredibly slower, mainly due to the more cautious journalling features.

I heard about Hans Reiser's wife, him being a suspect and his friend admitting to murder of eight other people. But Wired's article on the subject is an unbelievable piece of art. By juxtaposing code snippets of ReiserFS with the crescendoing story line (especially if you recognize the code), there is an amazing amount of suspense and revelation that works in tandem to the first-hand narrative. Reading
+ warning("nikita-3177", "Parent not found");

gave me absolute goosebumps.


  1. Hey JT,

    I loved this article.....I had never heard of this guy and don't know the first thing about Linux but this article had me transfixed.

    They need to make a movie out of this. Of course, you can't make this movie without the code and the database theory.....those items would be the first thing that the producers would cut out of the script....oh well.


  2. This seems like a Stephen King story somehow. There has to be some sort of twisted metaphysical bent to it somehow...


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