Tuesday, May 06, 2008


A while back I received this e-mail, completely out of the blue:
Wise men say, you only have to resign yourself to what you cannot improve

I'm not sure why I got the e-mail. Or who sent it. No real idea. Could well be spam. But it kinda stuck with me for some odd reason.

I've been working the 80 hour weeks lately, as promised. That means that I've had to give up working on my open-source projects. I feel real pangs of guilt when people ask for bugfixes or when the next release will come out... especially when users as kind as tomasio even volunteer their own time for icon assets. But I've cut sleep down to a few wee hours and just have nothin' left.

I'm hoping I can get everything going at work, get things on a stable foundation, then give myself free time once again. At least, that's the lie I tell myself.

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