Tuesday, May 26, 2009

KDE 4 Gets More Awesome Every Week

Thanks to openSUSE's always-fresh Factory KDE4 repositories, I was able to update my KDE install to 4.2.85. There's a whole ton of nice lil' tweaks and features-to-be included... tiny things that really add up. Like modifying a folder to include thumbnails of the files it contains.

Or having a nice SVG system monitor that actually has all the information I'm interested in at a single glance.

Or whiz-bang desktops that do everything from show the weather to render interactive fractals to show a 3D satellite view of the earth rendered in real time.

It really is remarkable how much is in this release - enough to turn heads and impress friends once again. The strength of KDE 4's architecture is finally being flexed, and hopefully the Plasma naysayers will get a chance to see why this new KDE framework provides so many new opportunities.

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