Wednesday, January 18, 2006

ConsultComm Lives Again

I actually received a donation to one of my open source projects. No joke.

Up to that point I was considering marking the project as abandoned, but now I'm picking it back up and working on a new Java 5 version and clearing my outstanding bugs list. So thanks to one user's attaboys, the project lives on.

That's kinda how development on ConsultComm has worked for me... I'll let it go for months at a time, then a user will send along a supportive e-mail or a lil' something for a pizza. After that I'll get into the code to help the user out, find a million things I'd like to do with it, then end up writing a whole new version.

So if you notice a project you really like but no one has worked on it in a while - send 'em something nice. Like cash. Or a "you are my everything" e-mail. Or kiss them on the forehead. Works wonders.

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