Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I Give Too Much Credit

I gave Path of Neo waaaay too much credit in my earlier post. I thought they were going for some cool adventure-game-throwback genre in the first tutorial level... but no. They play controls just sucked. I was right - it ended up being Oni in the Matrix.

Which isn't bad - in fact the hand-to-hand mechanics were pretty well done. Animation was nicely framed... but models were hideous. I mean... abhorrently ugly. Everyone looked like they had a goiter if they bent their neck too much to the side.

The end was just as bad as the beginning. How bad you say? They played Queen's "We Are The Champions" over top of the ending film clip. Yup, that bad.

The Wachowski brothers did have an interesting little dialog towards the end that explained why the ending was designed to make absoulutely no freaking sense - which was rather humerous. There were a few good lines in the beginning - such as Neo talking about how crates all over the place are a reeeaaaal original idea.

Now on to Quake 4 and Darwinia. Thankfully both have native Linux ports... so I can stay in SuSE and game. I've been dual-booting into my wintendo for so long it's nice to be able to have such loving, generous companies that allow me to stay in my OS of choice. Thanks kids! I promise to buy a lot of impulse items from id, Raven and Introversion from now on.

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