Thursday, January 26, 2006

I Would Tell You, But Then I'd Get Sued

I always want to post lil' work snippets in this blog, but I can't. Not that my job is all that interesting, but weird crap that I like to bitch about to Rocky does come along. The fact is... I can't. Why? 'Cause I'll get sued.

Someone found out about my unfortunately brief work with PlaneShift (motto: "Will someone get rid of that freaking Flash animation!") and then found out my handle. So it wouldn't be a big stretch to see them finding my blog. And then for it to show up in our proxy server logs. And then for someone to get cheesed at me (again). Then find ammo to arm an exec with. Then down I go.

For example: one local legal council to businesses advertises on NPR that "blogs can create a host of legal problems for employers." I can understand that, as these are public forums... but I don't need to give someone a reason to can my butt.

Then again, you start talking too much about your personal life and you become a target for identity theft. It happens way too easily and is way too irrevocable.

So that's one major reason I just gab about random tech stuff. It's pointless, it interests me, it bores others, and won't get me fired.

Go free press.

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  1. Anonymous1:28 PM

    I don't blame you for trying to keep your job. That is first and foremost the most important thing.


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