Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Left Undone

I'm so damn tired. And I'm leaving so many things left undone.

It's amazing to me how close Novell can get with openSUSE, and how far away they still remain. I've known even anti-SuSE people converting away from Fedora Core or Ubuntu lately, due to its (relative) stability, out-of-the-box Compiz and working wifi drivers. But it seems they're ignoring fixes to some pretty obvious issues, even when the answer is served up to them on a silver platter.

Case in point: Intel wireless 3945 not connecting openSUSE 10.3. Ben gave patches, source RPMs, binary RPMs, explicit debug steps, log files... everything. In freakin' October. And its still not released via Novell's update service. It's a big, obvious issue... and getting no attention.

There are so many things I need to take care of, too. I have an entire graveyard of half-completed electronic assemblies that need to be pieced together into some working mechanism. I need to research how I can get XvMC to freakin' work on my VIA EPIA box. Evidently I decided to pick the one "pro" chipset that works with virtually no other distributions out there, due to the complete insanity behind driver support. No accelerated MPEG2 to for me until then.

DeskBlocks and ConsultComm are both abandonware right now, too. I really want to devote some time to them... especially DeskBlocks... but there's absolutely no freakin' time. I can't get over feeling extremely guilty over leaving a half-eaten OSS project sitting out on SourceForge... bitrotting with the rest of the half-eaten projects out there.

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