Friday, February 04, 2005

Head Texture

Texture mapping is hard. It doesn't help that my mesh isn't perfectly symmetrical, either... makes face selection for uv mapping awkward.

I used the mesh decimator in Blender to take a high-detail model down a few hundred notches and get a poly level that was more-or-less acceptable. Now I'm trying to unroll the mesh so I can create a texture to map onto the surface of the head. In this guy's tutorial it seems like cake, but not so much for me.

The biggest thing for me is getting an acceptable set of skeletal animations so at least I have a template to work with. Once those get done I'll work on actual code and see what I can do about collision detection. My big thing that will cause me to celebrate will be collision detection between sprites (i.e. a boxer hitting a heavybag).

I'm thinking about writing another tutuorial about UV texturing... that'd be helpful methinks. What I'm really psyched about is using shaders for textures... but that's way, way down the line.

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