Friday, February 11, 2005

Too Much in My Head

Someone submitted a bug report for ConsultComm recently, so I stopped to do their quick change. Then I wanted to add a few minor features. Then I wanted to build in the latest version of the JDesktop Integration Components. That's what always happens with my ol' ConsultComm... I go three months without thinking about it then all of a sudden I'm hacking away at everything. I am pretty pleased with the plugin system, tho.

Motherboard also died recently... so I just got a new one in to replace it. I think my Audigy and USB ports were fried from static during the winter. Ick. At least since it's an older Socket A board it was fairly reasonable to get a replacement.

Still trying to get texture mapping right. I need to fuse my model's mouth together (and some would say fuse my own while I'm at it). Texture is still stretching too much... and I need to figure out how to map the rest of the body while still not missing any mesh faces. Ugh.

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